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History of Banovci

The town of Banovci is in the province of Srem, only 15 km away from Zemun, on the banks of the Danube.

Travellers exiting at the Banovci exit on the motorway between Belgrade and Novi Sad, wishing to follow the Danube river to the north,may pass straight through the Banovci town and not even realize,without noticing the signposts, that they have driven through Stari (Old) and New (Novi) Banovci. It is a known fact that only the locals and people living here for a longer period of time, are able to confidently say and show the exact demarcation.

New Banovci, Banovci Danube and Old Banovci are in fact ,today,all part of the same town, with different names. Their common name is Banovci, and it is likely that some time in the near future, this will be the only name.